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Dr. Priti Sachdev

Priti has affluent experience of 32 years as close association with Corporate and Academics.
Her training, coaching, consulting and counseling skills allow her to have an advantage through professional endeavor.

Priti has a wide and long experience in working in corporate training and in academics. Her experience in coaching, consulting and expertise in counseling and training skills has spanned a period of 32 years providing her with a distinct advantage in her professional career.
She is a dedicated professional with special penchant for professional well being and life skills. This places her in a special position with her associates where interpersonal relations are of prime importance.

Her dedication towards professional well being and life skills has made her outshine in her interpersonal relation with the associates. Her contribution towards Research Projects and Guidance along with 24 conference papers publication exhibits her knack towards Research and Consultancy. She possesses vast experience in assisting Researchers right from preparing a research design to conducting effective research interviews.

Dr. Eshita Mandal

Dr. Eshita Mandal is a practicing psychologist based in Mumbai. She has been awarded Post doctorate in Psychology from University of Louisville-USA, Doctorate in Psychology and Masters in Counseling Psychology from University of Mumbai.
She possesses 20 years of experience in the field of consulting, counseling, teaching, training, and facilitating groups.  She was a Project Guide for Post graduate Psychology students and assisted them in the topics like Cognitive, Motivation, Emotion Process and social issues.

Her counseling areas cover individual and family therapy for children & adults, marital therapy for couples, therapy for domestic violence & abuse clients. She specializes in conducting exit interview to understand the psychology of an employee and his/her contribution in the organization.

Her training experience spreads its wings from Corporate Professionals, Teachers to the Students. This allows her to understand the fundamental analysis and relevance of Self Development.  Her training solutions are in the areas of

  • Human Strength and Positive Outcomes,
  • Setting Life time Goals,
  • Emotional Quotient Behavior,
  • Self awareness,
  • Building positive attitudes & Values,
  • Motivation and Success,
  • Interpersonal skills.

She was designated as Course Coordinator for Advance Diploma Counseling Course, Department of Applied Psychology and “Orientation Program” for College and University Teachers, Staff Academic College. She identifies her academic links by acting as a visiting faculty in the post graduate and under graduate colleges.

Her scientific research skills paved her way to Testing and Understanding Human Psychology. Her research is in the field of:

  • Interpersonal relationship in adolescent Vs young adults,
  • Feeling Hurt in working relationships.
  • A study of cardiovascular disease related lifestyles and their behavioral determinants among different population groups in India
  • Psychological Impact in Man Made Disaster: Bomb Blast in Mumbai
  • Dynamics of a close and casual relationship of adults

She presented her paper at The 1st National Academy, Tirupati on “Close relationship of adolescents and adults”. Her Papers are accepted at the International conference held at Hyderabad, India; South East Asian of Psychologist, Bangladesh; & Wenchester,London.

Analytical skill to approach towards challenges/concerns and finding solutions for it, is her major strength. She is blessed with excellent motivating and communication skills. She ingeniously empowers others to achieve the Personal and Professional goals.

Mr. Ranajit Mazumdar

Ranajit is a HR Consultant and Trainer with over 40 years of corporate experience in the areas of Institutional Sales, After-sales Service, Quality & Human Resources Management. In his last assignment, he was the Vice President of Human Resources & Quality of Blue Star Limited for 10 years.

His vast experience covers Operations management of field sales & service activities of Industrial products, All India Service management including institutionalization of Customer Satisfaction measurement, Product support management and finally, Human Resources & Quality management for last 15 years. He has undergone extensive training with his principals in USA, UK, Germany & Japan. He is also been trained as a Facilitator of Juran methodology for Quality Improvement.

Ranajit offers facilitation to the Corporate organisations in the following areas:

  • Articulation & communication of Corporate Vision & Values
  • Development of “Corporate Objectives, Business Strategies & long term Business Plans”.
  • Development of “Annual Business plans” for Strategic Business Units.
  • Organizational Diagnostics & Employee engagement improvement
  • Design of HR practices, Rules & Regulations, Employee Welfare schemes & their implementation. 
  • Design & implement “Performance Management System” including 360 degree feedback for Top management & Senior management
  • Employee Development through need based training
  • Training on “Sales skills” & “Role of Managers” for neophyte managers
  • Leadership Development
  • Compensation management covering Philosophy, Review/Redesign of Compensation Structure  as well as Incentive scheme.
  • Design & Facilitate “Change Management Agenda”
  • Design and implement measurement of “Voice of Customer”.
  • Creation of Quality Awareness & design of Quality practices.
Ranajit is a B.Sc. in Physics from the prestigious St Xavier’s College at Kolkata and a B.Tech from the premier institute at I.I.T., Kharagpur.

Mr. Bhagwan Chandnani

Bhagwan has affluent corporate experience of 37 years in the field Engineering and Manufacturing. He is well equipped to handle Materials Management, Spare parts management & IT, Quality Management Systems ISO9001and Business Excellence Assessments.

He is on the panel of Assessors with Indian arm of International Company and has done numerous assessment assignments with reputed Corporate in India.

With proven ability he exhibits his operations acumen and Leadership skills in managing Supply Chain Management. He possesses planning and conceptual skills to approach towards warehouse management challenges; concerns and finding solutions for it.

He is blessed with excellent motivating and communication skills. He ingeniously empowers others to achieve the materials management understanding with accountability and ease. He has experience of representing client for implementation of MM Module (SAP).

 He is a visiting faculty in Mumbai University for taking up classes of MBA final
 year students.

During his tenure as Divisional Quality Head (Business Excellence), he has shouldered major responsibilities like making Strategy & Balanced Score Card of Division, making Application as per Business Excellence Criteria as well as facing the Assessment team on behalf of Division. He is a lifelong Learner and thus has attended various training on Business Excellence Leadership Program and on Senior Assessors’ Programs.

He has experience in Conducting Induction training to new as well as lateral recruits and succession planning for the key posts.

He credits publication of division-specific quarterly newsletter meant for customers and employees in order to generate awareness amongst the industry personnel.  He is Life Member of Indian Institute of Materials Management, India.

Academically, he has gained credits with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – (First Class First), Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies. He has completed course in Certified Purchase Manager, USA through IIMM, Bombay.

Captain C N Chandrasekhar

C.N. Chandrasekhar has rich experience of 40 years in Pharmaceutical industry. He possesses extensive knowledge in sectors across the health-care field viz, hormones, psdycho pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and Cardiac drugs.
He believes learning is life-long process. He develops the human skills through continuous training in Communication skills and Business English. His Life coaching and mentoring skills allow him to train individuals in Health & Safety, Emotional Intelligence and building empathy.

He invested 4 years in U.K; where he obtained research masters called M.Res from the renowned University of Southampton. He assisted the Management in catering and hospitality in Britain and taking care of aculturisation of multicultural work force.
His experience also encompasses the role as a Centre Head of Sikkim Manipal University.
A graduate with Master in Arts and Masters in Philosophy, he is a dedicated lifelong learner.
 Chandrasekhar is a released SS officer of the Indian army.

Ms. Farida Patel

Farida marks her career with design and delivery of comprehensive range of learning strategies for over 12 years. Her accountabilities enhance her competencies in the areas of team building, employee development and sales training for ace performance.
She owns ability to work with culturally and geographically diverse teams. She acquires the ability to motivate Human Capital to maximize the power of their leadership style and expand into new skills while staying true to themselves. Her horizon expands while being instrumental to:

  1. Inspire learning and accelerate changes by developing people and hence facilitate achievement of organization vision.
  2. Lead the corporate team towards continuous learning and development across functions.
  3. Work closely with the management to assess training needs with respect to knowledge and skills.
  4. Map the TNI to Training Calendar and schedules.
  5. Develop and deploy need specific training curricula that meets the objectives and goals.
  6. Evaluate, recommend, manage and coordinate with external training vendors to ensure quality interventions.
  7. Encourage internal talent to develop facilitation skills and hence share knowledge by championing the initiative.
  8. Evaluate productivity post training.
  9. Manage entire training function for organization for various department and for different levels.
  10. Implement learning strategy through harnessing internal trainers and by researching, evaluating and selecting external consultants.
  11. Utilize TLI (Internal Module: Teacher, Leader and Implementer) workshop for developing 1st Level Managers.
  12. Diagnose and generate organizational/functional/leadership training need through effective TNI using tools like PMS, one to one meeting, feedback from Product/Process/Dept. heads and competency framework.
  13. Develop Organization learning plan under following buckets:
    1. Functional,
    2. Technical,
    3. Professional, Leadership and Management
    4. People positivity
  14. Instrumental in designing competency assessment test for sales recruits.
  15. Train intervention for effective PMS implementation.
  16. Conducting Outbound team learning events.

She excels her training buds by acquiring the organizational experience in BPO with web facilities,with NIIT Limited to engage in imparting software learning and software development for corporate and local aspirants and with Infomedia18 (erstwhile Tata Infomedia ) in Sales arena.

Her contribution to Training is thru Research and Development mechanism. Besides conducting training, she encompasses her contribution in the field of Development Need Analysis, Program designing and Content creation for varied clientele from vertical industries.

In her tenure of career development path she bagged the following certification that merits her presence in Training and Development.

  1. Train the Trainer Certification from GreyCells.
  2. Attended Compensation and Benefit Workshop by Wyatson Wyatt
  3. Disc competency workshop conducted by Turning Point.
  4. Attended BHLP by ISABS – December 2007
  5. High Impact Presentations, Managing High Impact Teams and Competency based Hiring workshop conducted by Dale Carnegie India.
  6. Situation Leadership workshop by NIS Sparta.
Being graduate in Commerce, she has availed her PGDBM from Wellingkers Institute of Management Studies Matunga, Mumbai. She has also pursued her three year degree program from NIIT Limited.

Mr. Ram Kushwaha

Ram Kushwaha a leading Yoga Coach, with an insight of developing the physical skills thru right coordination of body mind and soul. He believes in YOGA TREAT, which aims towards healthy, peaceful and vibrant human race. He calls it Yoga treat because it is a treat for life.

He has experience over 10 years in conducting Yoga for Training institutions and corporate. His contribution moves towards people who are looking towards natural ways of attaining health and happiness. He promotes Asana, Pranayam and Dhynam to cultivate moral, social and physiological health.
He specializes in solving physical ailments, mental predicament and emotional dilemmas like depression, phobia, anxiety and hysteria.

His training skills are expressed and exchanged while conducting the following programs: 

  1. Weight Loss Management for Men & Women
  2. Stress management.
  3. Asana for Back & Joint Disorder.
  4. Yoga for Sportsman.
  5. Astang Yoga.
  6. Gahan Yoga Nidra
  7. Meditation with Music and without music.
  8. Mudra & Bandh.
  9. Neti Karma.
  10. Prayanama.
  11. Stress Reduction Cell (S.R.C.).
  12. Manipulation Therapy


He has done Masters in Science with specialization in Yoga and Life Science, Diploma in Stress Management, Advanced Diploma and Certificate Course in Yoga. He is National Basket Ball Player and Martial Art Expert.

Mr. Abhijit Pradhan

Abhijit has affluent experience of 11 years in Hospitality Industry. His career grid escalates from Assistant Manager- HR to Training Manager at UAE, being responsible for all Training and Development activities for Restaurants across the UAE, Singapore and Iran.
His training experience proliferates in the sphere of Product Training- Hospitality, Departmental Training – Stores and Behavioral training. Managing the entire man power at Hotel, Departmental training expectations to Customer/ Guest focus is Abhijit’s forte. His Hospitality insight multiplied with his work experience at national and international exposure.
Abhijit is competent to:

  • Conduct induction and orientation of new Employees.
  • Conduct Audits to ensure 100% compliance in the service standards of a Leading Hotels of The World and Organisation’s SOP’s.
  • Responsible for conducting and organizing Mystery Audits at regular intervals with corrective measures, if required.
  • Analyze Guest Comment Cards and designing training program based on them. 
  • Coordinate with catering colleges for Industrial Training of their students and then implementing it.
  • Responsible for coordinating & implementing employee morale survey.
  • Counsel the candidates on their career and promotional avenues in the organization and help them making a career Plan.
  • Organize Relationship Review for all the Department Heads.
  • Conduct Skill Training for departments like F & B service, House-keeping, Production and Front Office.

He achieves greater customer Wows and growth for the Companies he associates with. He has received certification in the Boot Camp for CDIT coaches’ conclave at Mumbai to be a Certified Trainer in the CDIT and Telecom Vertical. He is certified as a Qualified Trainer by the Corporate Training Manager of Concept Hospitality, New Delhi during the GRID Seminar.

A graduate in Science, Abhijit is a dedicated lifelong learner with 3 years Diploma in Hotel Management from The National Institute of Hotel Management and Catering, Bhubaneswar, Orissa (1996-1999). He completed his certification in Basic Food Safety – Level 2 and Intermediate Food Safety - Level 3. He own Freelance Trainer License under Dubai Knowledge Village.
He owns aptitude to work with culturally and geographically diverse teams across globe. Adaptability is his strength.  Abhijit is a catalyst in the growth of Hospitality Industry by making the Training programs more effective with extensive research on the psychological aspects of the team members to make them understand the intricacies of costumer behavior. He acquires the ability to motivate Human Capital to maximize the power of their leadership style and expand into new skills while staying true to themselves. He believes to work in coherence with team members to maximize customer satisfaction and of course the productivity.

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