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Welcome to the knowledge enabling world of Tanishqa Quintessence Management Services (Mumbai). We partner with corporate and institutions to appreciate human capital.

We are a private owned knowledge enabling organization. The company focuses on varied categories of business that are directly or indirectly linked with competencies development & its management. We encourage organizations to participate through In-company Customized Programs, Open Courses & One on One Coaching. The entire coaching process is linked with enhancing not only present but also future competencies. TQMS Global demonstrates a systematic and scientific process by utilizing Assessments, Development Need Analysis, Learning & Testing Services, and Business Consulting in the field of Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Channel Development, and Supply Chain etc. Our Interaction with our clients helps them yield better productivity through its employees. This has direct impact upon organization’s Growth, Profits & Returns.  We welcome you to browse our world and GET CONNECTED


To be a specialized Knowledge Enabling Management Consulting firm that contributes to human capital through competency management and assessment.



To transfer skill sets that make individuals more competent at work place.



Core Value

TQMS Global is committed to provide intellectual support services through efficient learning management system. TQMS knowledge enabling team demonstrates research based delivery in training. TQMS Global is committed to continued excellence in activities performed in interest of their customers.

Human Values

Throughout the account management process, TQMS Global places high value towards its mission to make individuals more competent at work place. We believe in being suggestive, focused on encouraging delegates towards critical thinking that builds the spirit of collective wisdom.
TQMS believes in mutual respect, which motivates knowledge enablers to seek factual information from those who are engaged in the change process. This works due to collective expression of trust demonstrated between trainers and learners.

Enabling Knowledge

TQMS Global promotes a sense of self awareness coupled with continuous learning. TQMS Global believes in cross pollination of intellectual spirits that allow delegates to be effective and efficient in a demanding work environment. TQMS Global initiates proper industry research along with company business information and strategies to deliver high value coaching programs.


TQMS Global aspires to deliver practical and experiential interaction. TQMS Global strives for constant motivation to ensure delegates experiment on new ideas and processes at workplace.

Responsibility to Rediscover

TQMS Global knowledge enablers work with a sense of response and ability in the professional development interest of the delegates. TQMS Global aspires and motivates delegates to walk on the path of self discovery with conviction. The challenging path and limitless boundaries allows the business coach to demonstrate the install a sense of ownership in the delegates.


TQMS Global understands global standards which are coupled with organizational expectations for constant improvement. Continuous professional development through individual effort, along with collective wisdom leads to high degree of satisfaction for the TQMS Global team.

Utility Value

TQMS Global partners with its accounts and manages the customer interface process in a most professional manner. Collaboration is the key to success with its varied accounts.

Limits & Boundaries

TQMS Global firmly believes to demonstrate work ethics in business idea, decisions & implementation. This ensures the TQMS Global limits and boundaries to operate


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