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Human Capital Consultancy

TQMS Global with its team of intellectual workforce and specialised set of HR professional assist organisations in the following HR areas:

  • Competency mapping techniques & exercise.
  • Development and Implementation of Performance Management Systems (PMS).
  • Organisational Restructuring coupled with Working out Position Description with a systematic method of Selection frameworks.
  • Identifying and Building up Leadership and Talent programmes at varied levels to create a professional experiential structure.
  • HR Management Outsourced Services.
  • Setting up Training Infrastructure, Customised Course Contents, Building up of Induction Manuals & Creation of Select Trainers to build Organisation Learning System.
  • Compensation & Retention tools.
  • Organisational Development Initiatives to build Workforce Cohesiveness, better coordination and Work Environment.
  • Employee Climate Survey to align Organisation strategies of attracting, managing & retaining talent pool.
  • Psychometric testing tools.

Marketing & Sales Business Practices

TQMS Global works with its accounts to set up the Marketing & Sales infrastructure. This is related to Sales planning, Sales strategy, Dealer Induction Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures for Sales & Channel Set up environment. TQMS also demonstrates expertise in Sales / Service Personnel Audit by conducting varied observations in a controlled setting along with field coaching.

TQMS Global has great exposure with varied verticals in the area of Channel Management. A well researched battery of questionnaires is utilised to assess the satisfaction level of Intermediaries, identify Market Coverage Challenges, evaluate the Operational Dynamics of Channel economics, and build up a mechanism to motivate Channel partners. All these activities are aligned with a strong channel & sales administrative set up.

Assessment of effectiveness of a drawn marketing plan finds place in the TQMS Global Strategic Management Lab setting. Multi industry experts and consultants coach senior representative in a structured way with strategic management tool kit. This allows them to assess the effectiveness of their plan and strategies drawn for better market & consumer effectiveness.

The entire process has a 360 degree ripple effect as consumers, intermediaries and competitors' activities are covered for detailed understanding.

Brands are intangible assets. Its value is beyond a stakeholder's perception. Brand valuation is precisely an exercise that provides value in numbers to the word "good". The benefits that get accrued for valuing brand are:

  • Management Information perspective like Brand Extension, Brand Strategy,
  • International Branding, 
  • Financial Appraisal & Resource allocation, 
  • Identification of Opportunities.

Researching on Brand Awareness and Review of past marketing activities for ensuring better returns on marketing investments is the core strength of the Marketing & Sales Business Practices. To add further, Identifying products/service benefits that could lead to new sales or Brand Development to Enhancement and Evaluation is an area where TQMS Global Marketing practices can be seen in the future. TQMS Global borrows intellectual strength from Dr. Rajesh Ingle, who has evolved his doctoral management research on the process of Brand Evaluations.

Lastly, it's a well known fact what gets measured gets controlled. In today's concept of growing organisation where consumer's base is expanding, markets have extended their limits with new townships; SME's looking for entering international markets. These have necessarily put pressure on companies to invest in Sales and Marketing infrastructure along with human capital investments. A management researched doctoral topic by the company CEO, Dr. Rajesh Arora; on Developing and Evaluating Marketing Control Standards has helped organisations to identify the critical control standards to minimise sales and marketing waste. Marketing personnel audit, Sales Audit, Channel Efficiency/ Productivity Audit, Critical Control Areas, Benefit Package Analysis (Product Audit), Market & Marketing Audit are the areas for organisation to evaluate and strategise.

Supply Chain Management

TQMS Global creates a supply chain management process dedicated to pace and progression. In today's cost conscious environment, Supply Chain Management is the key to organisational financial performance. TQMS assists organisations in identifying supply chain strategies that are relevant to company and market conditions. Any such collaborated strategies developed helps to increase revenue and/or reduce costs. TQMS Global SCM team is well equipped to perform a management audit along with vendor's valuation. Key points that are a part of consulting discussions are:

  • Develop SCM Planning & Controlling mechanisms,
  • Inventory management & control,
  • Distribution management & Customer service
  • Supply Chain Process Remodelling
  • Cost reduction thru effective Inventory Management
  • Packaging Re-engineering

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