Executive Skills Coaching

Academic to corporate transition is a difficult phase which every individuals faces. A professional approach which is well tuned to individual growth of executive education will build up individual personality at work place. The workshops in this section prescribe executives to align their career life cycle stages as their roles and responsibilities widens. Corporate work environment factors have a strong influence on the work habits to employees affecting their professionalism.

An Executive Intelligent Quotient (EIQ) which is tabulated during the selection stage needs further inputs to enhance overall personality. The endorsements if worked on Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Social front needs add on variety skill sets. The personal change workshop designed by TQMS Global influences executives beliefs and values. Its important to coach people at this stage to orchestrate their self belief and efficacy for better role performance. TQMS Global coaching initiatives work to put together skill sets that need attention for executive's effectiveness and efficiency.

TQMS Global executive skills present a toolkit of techniques that are applicable in typical work related situations. It is a highly interactive event which utilizes team activities, case study, problem solving scenarios and facilitated discussions. The multi modal level of learning will enable participants to understand the true nature of work stress.

All supervisors, managers and senior managers who are in demanding leadership positions or individuals who feel their performance is adversely affected by the level of workload or regular exposure to conflict situations will benefit greatly from the program.

Communication Skills Workshop
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Business Presentation Skills
Business Writing Skills
Team Building & Team Working
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
Principles of Personal Change


Communication Skills Workshop

The TQMS Global basic communication skills workshop assist delegates to practice the basic aspects of information giving and receiving, notes taking, listening & summarizing. The Basic elements help delegates to be effective and professional communicators. TQMS Global Coach emphasizes on Visual, Vocal and Verbal behaviors to establish stronger first impression and build rich relations.

The TQMS Global Communication skills workshop also stresses on basic presentation skills which could be one on one or one to many. The entire workshop is conducted against a clear background of Organisational communication and its relevance at work place. Day to day basic business writing approaches also gains priority during the workshop. Experiential methodology is best suited for all delegates to gain knowledge and practise communication skills, taught. Exercises, Role Plays and presentations are the key focus of the workshop to ensure delegates complete involvement.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Communicating ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions are challenges at work place, especially when we come across people with different expectations. It is almost impossible to be productive in today's business environment without being an effective communicator. This is particularly true if achievement of your goals depends on your ability to influence others. You need to communicate your ideas, instructions, thoughts, and feelings accurately. This is not as easy as it may seem. Ineffective communication is often at the core of a high proportion of the errors, misunderstandings, and conflicts that occur in the workplace. This course is designed to give you an understanding of the prime causes of poor communication, and, more importantly, the skills required to minimize their impact

Business Presentation Skills

Individuals who share the responsibility to learn and/or improve their presentations skills in business scenarios and convey their messages frequently to groups of audiences will benefit from this program. Participants are encouraged in mental preparation before they make an effective presentation. Participants draw on their own past or upcoming presentations for in-class exercises, furthering the connection between the workshop and the workplace. In addition to reviewing delivery fundamentals, the course explores strategies for incorporating visual aids, responding to questions, and maintaining control during presentation.

Business Writing Skills

This workshop is designed to develop Business Writing Skills addressed to varied stakeholders. The workshop is highly practice driven and provides suggestion and recommendations on how to write business letters, Emails, Proposals and Business Reports. Delegates are provided with conceptual exercises and notes on English language as examples. Grammar is an integral art of the Business Writing skill workshop. Delegates are directed before the workshop to bring their sample letters / emails, proposal or reports for further discussions.

Team Building & Team Working

When TQMS Global works with your senior management representatives or members of cross functional team, it becomes essential to build a level of self awareness and calculate the level of skills sets/ capabilities existing internally. This allows every individual to explore unique sets of possibilities to work through others. TQMS specializes in

10 Specialty areas of TQMS Global Team working initiatives include:

  • Goals & expectations management from cross functional team
  • Team development with assessment of maturity levels
  • Coaching steps to enhance work flow and coordination
  • Activities essential for team support & maintenance
  • Measuring team motivations (skills v/s will to act)
  • Evaluating team dynamics to explore areas for healthy conflict
  • Conflict management
  • Destressing with yoga / meditation
  • Performance counselling
  • Building teams credibility

Providing better, faster solutions are what is focused upon in this dynamic highly practical outbound training methodology. The focus is on developing the ability of the delegates to help them to get most out of their team activities. Through outbound games, group work, simulations & individual exercises delegates will learn and practice those techniques, which are most directly relevant and applicable to the modern team management situations. Delegates will objectively analyse their personal style of working / leadership, and appraise their own strengths and weaknesses. This workshop gives delegates the skills they need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance peer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage. After reflecting on the actions that help delegates accomplish their tasks and obvious hindrances that could come in completing them, they will be given the opportunity to develop an action plan to put the ideas and principles into practice to generate improved team performance.

Understand what role they are most capable of performing and how to make best use of it in their own teams, both as a team leader and team player

  • Be aware of what kinds of roles need to be performed in successful teams
  • Be in a position to develop skills and techniques that will enable them to make a direct contribution to improved team performance.
  • An extensive in-depth analysis of delegates own preferred team role, their impact on other team members, their strengths in terms of leadership, decision-making, interpersonal skills, team building and the areas for self-assessment and development.
  • Delegates will also learn how to apply the principles and practices of effective team management in project teams, business process reengineering teams, international teams, self-managing teams, cross-functional teams and remote teams.
  • Last but not least, Delegates will have the opportunity to share valuable experiences and ideas with fellow participants through interactive plenary sessions and multicultural group work.

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

The program focuses on the principles of lateral thinking and motivates delegates to explore possibilities of new ideas and concepts. This enhances intrapreneurial talent among employees. The global practices on problem solving process and way problems are classified to enhance business or employee productivity are key aspects of the discussions. Innovative tools and techniques with creative brain boosters and exercises are key features of the workshop. The workshop also focuses on multiple intelligence theories along with set intuitive role and judgements in individual's decision making process.

Principles of Personal Change

The principles of personal change for delegates establishes work habits, are supposed to help a person achieve true interdependent "effectiveness". This is achieved by aligning the present practices by the principles of relationship, commitment, professionalism, measuring dynamics and TRUST that they build with varied people in life?..

This program will simplify principles of personal change for delegates' community who would use GOAL MANAGEMENT to their advantage. Throughout the program trainer will point to principles as the FOCUS to achieve Personal / Professional GOALS. The program presents the principles as an approach rather than a set of behaviors