Sales & Customer Service Coaching Workshops

With Global culture awareness in our knowledge enablers, TQMS Global believes that the sales process knows no cultural boundaries it works because the software of mind of every customer is the same. What's in it for me? This is what we all want to know in every sales interaction.

Sales and Customer Service management philosophies of organizations today need a transformation to achieve greater heights in market leadership. TQMS Global workshop demonstrates how your sales and service personnel will meet this challenge through Preparation, Practice, Synergy, Revival and Renewal. The sales efforts so realized will aid in the achievement of real and sustainable sales & service leadership.

These programs focus on Client attention, development and maintenance. Delegates are motivated to use best practices in sales and services to enhance their sales performance and productivity. Programs focus on Professional sales process for gaining accounts and building them. The Customer service model helps individual with customer interface responsibility to ensure maintenance and retention to build organisational revenues.

The Sales and Customer Services programs provide interest avenues for coaching and mentoring opportunities as a post training initiatives.

TQMS Global programs are supported with conceptual material, well accepted globally along with comprehensive notes, reference material that encourages best practices. Programs are delivered with passion and substance by a Knowledge Enabler using multi modal method of learning. Live customised examples and company's standard operating procedures are discussed to ensure delegates make use of existing processes. TQMS Global believes with conviction that this will

Enhance trainees' sales and service efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Allow an individual who has customer interface responsibility to be better organized in terms of time, territorial and business planning.
  • Helps sales executive to plan the sales effort and work their plan to realise their Key Result Areas.
  • Enables Sales executives to visualise very clearly the alignment of organisation vision & values to individuals work habits.
  • Provide organisation an opportunity to build their corporate brand thru their brand Ambassadors.
Basic / Advanced Sales Management
Basic / Advance Service Excellence
Key Account Development & Management
Sales Management / Business Development
Business Negotiation / Internal Negotiations



Basic / Advanced Sales Management

The Basic and Advanced Sales Management is designed to examine paradigm shift required in the structured thinking of Sales Personnel. A sales relationship cemented with bricks of trust and motivation can help to win clients and retain their interest. The workshop motivates an individual to asses his/her selling strengths and weaknesses and coaches him/her in overcoming any barriers to effective sales.

The professional approach to Sales process is explained from suspecting to effective call closure. The Sales personnel throughout the workshop are motivated to communicate innovative ideas and explore market opportunities for growth, volumes & profitability.

Communicating with grace, style and substance about the company and its products are focussed deliverables of the workshop.

The Advanced Sales Management Workshop ensures that candidate possesses prerequisite skills and practices of Basic Selling Skills. What is imperative at an advanced level is to coach Sales personnel to identify needs and present customised solutions. These solutions revolve on variables other than price.

Basic / Advance Service Excellence

This is a workshop for corporate that wish to gain market leadership thru excellence in service. This workshop focuses on how to meet challenges while providing services to customer on behalf of the company. The workshop focuses on the essence of reassurance, reveal and reactivate the service challenges in a competitive environment. The workshop details how customer expectation across verticals is similar. What is required is every employee's honest commitment to customers. The delegates are motivated to understand the dynamism required for creating a "climate of service" based on learning from success and failure case studies. The gaps so identified bring strong learning to delegates which enhance their conviction. The key benefits of basic customer service workshop revolve around how to pro-actively manage the customer's expectations.

The Advance Services Excellence workshop details the process of service augmentation principles. The delegates are motivated to assess their own performance in the service role ? and develop a plan for applying skills learned in the course to meet workplace challenges. The Advance Services Excellence workshop assists corporate in creating a successful customer service strategy with specific measurement metrics. The service augmentation process defines and redesigns service tools for organisation success. The right balance mix between people, procedures & process is the essence of study at an advanced level.

This workshop will combine stimulating presentations with small group discussions and hands-on exercises. Whenever possible, cases will be chosen to illustrate concepts and frameworks directly relevant to participants. Examples will be drawn from varied vertical to reinforce delegates to lateral thinking.

Key Account Development & Management

The workshop assist delegates to use effective account planning processes to achieve targeted business growth and retention of key customers. The workshop strategies on gaining accounts and retaining them. The Account strategies, skills and techniques are detailed to present a value propositions to customer partnership. The delegates will be assisted throughout the workshop to use practical tools right from Account Prospecting to managing customer situations. Such strategies will be aligned with corporate goals and strategies. The workshop also draws a Account focussed plan that can be implemented after the training intervention.

Sales Management / Business Development

The workshop on Sales Management / Business Development is designed for Personnel who are into Man-Management Relationships . It focuses on the sales / market / customer innovation process thru people management. The workshop works on the best sales management practices which adopt a holistic approach to human potential development while dealing with man-management responsibilities. It observed that sales organization faces task and people related issues. It's important for managers who are responsible for building and managing the sales team to understand the following:

  • Work task organization process by its sales team
  • Need for building up a common work coalition Sales and Service team
  • How Sales Managers establish linkages with company's Vision & Values
  • Understanding people challenges that come in the way of organization and business success.

A highly customised program deals with Sales Leadership principles, time & territory management, building, evaluating the sales team and key principles to build sales business plans that have alignment with company's business goals.

Business Negotiation / Internal Negotiations

EVERYBODY in this world negotiates. Professionals in organisations who need to achieve results by developing and maintaining the co-operation of others (internally or externally) need to learn how to negotiate effectively. This workshop is designed to encourage participants to discover and practise the proven concepts and techniques of win-win negotiation. It helps participants become aware of their preferred negotiating style along with its strengths and weaknesses. The workshop proposes alternative tactics to provide participants with the tools to improve their style and consequently their success as a negotiator. The delegates are provided an understanding of the negotiation process and how to manage each of its different phases. The delegates are advised to build on alternative negotiation strategies to suit different customer situations. The delegates get sufficient opportunity to practise and integrate the skills learnt in the program. The focus is on learning how to get the best possible deal/outcome available while maintaining and improving the relationship with customers and suppliers. Knowledge enablers share experiences from various cultural backgrounds.